Water - Weight Bag

No More Sandbags!


"Just add water” now describes your newest instability workout. Not only does our Water Weight Bag let you decide exactly how heavy you want it to be, but it also lets you determine the level of instability—just by adding water.

As you lift and move the bag during exercise, the water moves unpredictably, activating a wider range of muscles to help you keep the bag stable. Less water, less predictability. More water, more predictability. Unlike other aqua bags, ours is transparent so you can decide exactly how much water you want in it each time you work out.

An easy-inflation foot pump lets you effortlessly fill the remaining space with air so that it retains in its pill shape as you exercise. When empty, it folds up small for easy portability, and a quick-fill valve makes it simple to add and remove water when you get to your workout spot.  

  • Oscillating water provides instability for a challenging workout
  • Ideal for cardio, strength and interval training indoors or out
  • Secure water valve allows for quick filling and emptying
  • Weighs up to 45 lbs when fully filled
  • Ideal for total body training
  • Includes easy-inflation foot pump
  • 75 cm X 20 cm

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