10MM Rubber Yoga Mat

$42.99 $54.99

Nearly double the thickness of your average yoga mat, this supportive, 10mm yoga mat offers the padding you need, even when you break a sweat. 

• Gently textured surface prevents slipping and supports safe alignment

• Non-porous surface for an easy wipe-down after class

• Made from thick non-toxic synthetic rubber

• Heat and sweat-resistant for the hottest of hot yoga classes 

Thick, long-lasting, and resilient. This yoga mat can go anywhere, including pilates or your favorite fitness class. Invest in the support you need for a safer and more stable practice. 


• Color: Black with red trim
• Dimensions: 72.05 x 24.02 x 0.39 inches (183 x 61 x 1cm)
• Material: NBR foam
• Weight: 28.22oz (800g)

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